Wedding Planner


Getting married? It is the biggest day of your life. You've planned for so many years but how can you be sure you have thought of everything, not missed anyone out, have things just right? Where do you start? What should you do first? You have so many ideas but how can you possibly know which are the best? By calling on the experience and expertise of a professional event organiser you can ensure your big day goes exactly as you dreamed. With a proven track record of wedding planning you can … [Read more...]

Corporate Events


Whatever the nature of your corporate event it is imperative that it runs like clockwork. It should also be highly productive, enjoyable and achieve the goals set out in the initial brief. These are just some of the reasons you should recruit the services of a professional, experienced event organiser. Carolyn Acton Events have been coordinating a huge range of corporate events for years, ranging from AGM's and conventions to corporate hospitality and company fun days and team building … [Read more...]

Party Planner


Something to celebrate? We are all familiar with children's birthday parties, but why do kids get all the fun? These days a party can take many forms. Let your imagination run wild. Think of a theme, have a party. Never been to a masquerade ball? Why not? Can't think of ideas? Make one up. Can't think of a theme? Give us a call. Parties come in many shapes and sizes, from the smallest family get together, to events with thousands of guests. Organising the party can be a nightmare. So much to … [Read more...]

Baby Showers


A baby shower is a party in which expectant parents receive gifts for their expected or born child. By convention, a baby shower is intended to help parents get items that they need for their baby, such as baby clothes. It is a popular tradition in the United States and is becoming increasingly popular in the United Kingdom. Can anyone throw a baby shower? Usually someone who's not a relative throws the shower to avoid giving the impression that the family is asking for presents. … [Read more...]