Party Planner

Something to celebrate? We are all familiar with children’s birthday parties, but why do kids get all the fun? These days a party can take many forms. Let your imagination run wild. Think of a theme, have a party. Never been to a masquerade ball? Why not? Can’t think of ideas? Make one up. Can’t think of a theme? Give us a call.

Parties come in many shapes and sizes, from the smallest family get together, to events with thousands of guests. Organising the party can be a nightmare. So much to do, so many things to remember, so much to organise. Don’t panic or stress, simply give us a call, let us do the rest.

Christmas Parties

Christmas parties can be difficult to arrange. Venues fill up fast and if you’re not careful you’ll be having your Christmas party in November! There’s also the issue of coordinating it to best suit everyone who’s invited, taking into account their availability at this busy time, what sort of event would best suit most people, budgets, invites, bookings, deposits etc, etc.

For many companies the office Christmas party is their way of saying thank you to their staff for a years hard work. Yet too many companies leave it far too late as they just don’t have the time or resources to properly plan a company Christmas party. And when they have to settle for second or even third best just to fulfil their promise it can leave their staff feeling unvalued and demotivated.

If you would like to avoid the stress and commitment required to organise a successful Christmas party then call us today. We will be happy to discuss your specific requirements and provide a quote.

Special events – engagements, 18th, 21st, anniversaries, retirement etc

Like weddings, some of these events are only going to happen once in your lifetime and you’ll want the party to be memorable for the right reasons and not all the things that went wrong.

Carolyn Acton Events have a wealth of experience organising all manner of parties. This means that, regardless of your budget or specific requirements, nothing will be too much for us – just tell us what you’d like (from the mundane to insane) and we’ll ensure you have it!

We are ever mindful that everyone’s party is going to be different. If you would like the party of a lifetime without the stress of a lifetime then call us today to see what we can do for you.

Children’s Parties

Children’s parties differ hugely depending on age, numbers and budget. The main point here though is that your child probably won’t appreciate any of this – they just want them and their friends to have a great time!

Carolyn Acton Events are experienced children’s party planners and can take your basic ideas and turn them into a day to remember for everyone. Whether you plan on having the event at home or at a special venue we can make all the arrangements such as catering, entertainment, presents etc leaving you to enjoy the day as much as your child will.

Contact us to discuss your ideas and requirements

Whether it’s just for some useful tips, or to have everything organised professionally, whatever your ideas, please give us a call on 0116 431 0377 or use our contact form. We can be there throughout the planning stage right through to managing the party itself, doing as much or as little as you need.

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